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Jaws of Life, Roll-over simulation, Teddy Bear Hospital and free gymnastic classes at Agrifair

Services on Safety and Twisters Gymnastic offer demonstrations during Agrifair
Kids will find no shortage of activities at Agrifair in Abbotsford.

SOS Saturday: Services on Safety - Jaws of Life, Roll-Over Simulator and Teddy Bear Hospital coming to Agrifair – Aug. 3 only

What cuts steel like a hot knife through butter? It’s a tool that rescue services would not be without when it comes to saving lives. It’s called the Jaws of Life, and Agrifair patrons will have an opportunity to witness live on Saturday, Aug. 3 just how this amazing tool works.  Not only that, but the Services on Safety show is jammed-packed with all sorts of other mind-blowing and engaging demonstrations for the whole family to see.

The Services on Safety show is big this year,” said Melanie Kish, Agrifair office manager. “We have the Jaws of Life coming in, the Roll-Over Simulator and also a Teddy Bear Hospital.” Patrons can also expect to meet Jamie Davis Motor Truck Heavy Recovery & Rescue from the popular A&E series, Highway Thru Hell.

A Jaws of Life extrication demonstration, coordinated with Abbotsford Fire Rescue, will be held at 2 p.m. Aug.3. They will use the tool to cut a car apart and free a ‘live’ volunteer.  Extrication will be done with fire rescue devices. The patient will be carefully removed from the wreck and secured onto a stretcher as in a real-life situation.

Bring your family and watch as the Roll-Over Simulator demonstrates just what can happen to vehicle occupants who are not wearing seatbelts. This demonstration, hosted by The Fraser Valley Integrated Road Safety Unit, a unit comprised of the Abbotsford Police Department, Delta Police Department and RCMP members, provides both real-time compelling evidence of the security provided by seatbelts as well as the devastating consequences vehicle occupants are subjected to after being ejected from a vehicle during a roll-over crash.

The simulator is the front end of a car mounted on a trailer that spins around on a vertical axis. During the demonstration crash dummies representing vehicle occupants will be placed inside in both belted and unbelted scenarios. The vehicle will simulate what happens at speeds of 30 to 50 kilometres per hour during a roll-over crash. With windows closed, the unbelted dummies bounce around like clothes in a dryer, and when the windows are open, the dummies are ejected from the vehicle.

Patrons will have an opportunity to practice their own CPR skills during the CPR demonstration. There will be other static displays to check out as well. If you have little ones, be sure to pick up some information on proper child restraints to appropriately and safely belt your child into your vehicle.

Children, don’t forget to bring your favourite teddy bear or stuffy that needs first aid treatment! Nurses and doctors will be standing by at the Teddy Bear Hospital to take good care of your special friend. Also, there will be a special 911 kids phone to practice just what to say to the 911 operator during an emergency situation.


Twisters offering free gymnastics demonstrations and classes for kids at KidZone

Do you want your kids to be active and fit while at the same time have a whole lot of fun? If so, you’ll want to stop by Twisters Gymnastics at KidZone where there will be many opportunities for your children to explore the sport of gymnastics.

First off is the Gymnastics Exploration Circuit. Gymnastics equipment will be set up in a circuit that focuses on basic gym skills such as balance, rolls, handstands, climbing, jumping and landing.

“It will give children a brief idea of what gymnastics is all about and to see if they would be interested in gymnastics at the big facility.” says Sue Tyson, recreation director at Twisters Gymnastics.

Kids can try out equipment such as a climbing apparatus, mini trampoline, balance beam, mats, hula-hoops, tunnels and more.

If kids enjoy the exploration circuit, Twisters will be handing out information on free trial gymnastics classes for different age groups between 5 p.m. and 9 p.m. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. on Monday.

Come see what can be accomplished in the gym though hard work, many hours of practice and a passion for the sport.

Demonstrations will be put on at 2 p.m. and 3:15 p.m. by athletes of varying levels, from beginners just starting out to competitive national athletes who have practised for years. Be inspired and watch athletes perform high level gymnastics on the bars (high, parallel and uneven), rings, balance beam, floor and vault.

Some of the performing athletes are Canadian team members and have been to many competitions such as the Common Wealth Games, Olympics, World Championships, Pan American Games, Pacific Rim Championships and more.

Keep an eye out for Samm, the Gymnastics B.C. Program PLAY Gymnastics mascot. Come say hello and get your Gymnastics BC sticker.

This is a great opportunity to come out and introduce your kids to a sport that has many benefits from improved coordination, strength and flexibility, to goal-setting, increased self-esteem, social interaction, and most importantly, fun!