Mayor Bruce Banman joins forces as a guest with Chef Dez at this year's Agrifair

Mayor Bruce Banman joins forces as a guest with Chef Dez at this year's Agrifair

Agrifair: Truly a local gem

Daniel Liebe scopes out Abbotsford Agrifair Saturday August 3rd 2013.

Daniel Liebe scope’s out Abbotsford’s Agrifair and Mighty Fraser Rodeo event.

The Agrifair & Mighty Fraser Rodeo is in its 103rd year. Every year it progresses to keep the country tradition alive in Abbotsford while cooperating a theme of a proudly modernizing city. Abbotsford’s Agrifair is usually held during the first long weekend of August. A great way to kick off mid-summer festivities.

As you walk around the fair grounds at the 103rd Agrifair, you can’t help but feel a humbling sense of community. It’s one of the major events in Abbotsford where everyone from a municipal or agricultural background come together. Families come by the hundreds and check out the festivities, and prizes are to be won everywhere.

Agrifair seems like the perfect example of what a traditional fair should be. Rides, exhibitions, and displays of local businesses. The Agrifair is the true representation of community in Abbotsford with a traditional country feel.

The rides are plentiful and donate a playful atmosphere. One certain aspect of the fair certainly doesn’t make the whole event. However, a fair wouldn’t be complete without a ride section.

Booths are stretched all along the midway displaying local business and agricultural booths. This route of exhibits all of what the community has to offer in the business world.

A community stage is set up, and parents flock from all over to proudly gaze at their child’s talent being portrayed for all to hear and see.

The local 4H club is preparing their animals to show throughout the weekend. They can easily be spotted by wearing their all-white uniforms while patrolling the fair grounds.

Meanwhile, everyone anticipates the rest of the events, festivities, and rodeos waiting to come throughout the rest of the weekend.

The Abbotsford Agrifair truly is a local gem.

Daniel Liebe is a Grade 12 Robert Bateman student contributor.

Check out the full program of events for Sunday and Monday right here. So much to see; Lumberjack shows, demolition derby, rodeos, cooking shows with Chef Dez, animals, midway, concerts including; Jars of Clay!

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