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Abbotsford woman releases book of poetry

Saniya Kaushal’s ‘you are not ugly’ addresses hurtful words and behaviours
Saniya Kaushal of Abbotsford has released a book of poetry titled “you are not ugly.” Submitted photo

An Abbotsford resident has released a book of poetry that she says is dedicated to anyone who has ever questioned their worth.

Saniya Kaushal, 19, says the emotion behind her book “you are not ugly” has been years in the making.

“I have been called ugly more times than I can remember, in addition to being labelled with many other hurtful words. Unfortunately, I have heard others be called even worse,” she said.

Kaushal said she wants to raise awareness about the damage that can be caused by thoughtless behaviours such as insulting appearances, weight-shaming, condescending behaviour, and making racist or homophobic comments.

She said she has built herself back up to love herself more, and her book is an attempt at building up others too.

Her collection of poetry is divided into three parts – feel, listen, and overcome. It covers themes of bullying, name-calling, racism, mental health, judgments, and self-esteem.

Kaushal was born in England and raised in Abbotsford. She will soon begin medical school in Ireland.

Her collection of poetry is available as a paperback and e-book worldwide. It can be purchased on Amazon, and the link is also available through her website

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