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Abbotsford team producing under pressure

Local producer Brandon Loewen shares the spiritual message of second chances in his latest film project.
Abbotsford producer Brandon Loewen is putting together a short film in just one week

Local producer Brandon Loewen shares the spiritual message of second chances in his latest film project.

Henry’s War is based on the Biblical verse 2 Corinthians 6:1-2, where Paul urges the people not to waste or take advantage of God’s grace.

Loewen’s short film tackles forestry and environmental issues, and revolves around Henry Paul, a logging foreman torn between his First Nations heritage and providing for his family. While overcoming obstacles in both his career and personal life, his wife Siobhan helps him remember his passion for nature and his ancestry.

“In our film, that great gift, or inheritance if you will, is the environment and that environment is basically being demolished and destroyed at the hands of greedy people and people wanting to make a livelihood off of it,” said Loewen. “It’s illuminating God’s word through film without being preachy about it. We’re telling a really good moralistic story that people otherwise might not get.”

The film is an entry for the 168 Hour Film Project, a faith-based competition that helps Christian filmmakers break into the mainstream movie business. Producers have one week beginning Feb. 11 to film and edit an eight- to 10-minute movie based on a single Bible verse provided by the organizers.

Henry’s War is written by Janice Morrison, directed by John Banovich, and produced by Loewen Media Co. in association with Green Earth Films Inc. It features five lead acting roles and a production crew of about 20 people.

Loewen has been involved in two previous competition films, called Help Wanted and Freakdum. His latest entry premiers at the 168 Film Festival in Los Angeles April 1-2. Awards are given to producers for artistic and technical merit.

Past and present participants include Ralph Winter, producer of the X-Men films, Fantastic Four and Planet of the Apes; Gary Hall, vice-president of post production 20th Century Fox; and Luke Schelhaas, writer and co-producer of the TV series Smallville.