Yale Secondary leadership students give back

The group raised funds to buy gifts for sick children in the hospital.

Andria Johnson

Andria Johnson

Students from Yale Secondary School put their imaginations to work and set out on a mission to find ways to give back to their community.

A group of senior leadership students came up with the idea to sell pizza at lunch and to use the funds raised to buy gifts for sick children in the hospital as part of a classroom assignment focused on community service.

Anna Holota, a Grade 11 student, contacted the hospital and made the necessary arrangements to visit the children.

Quinn Sojonky, who dressed as Santa, was given the task of spreading Christmas joy by distributing the gifts to the children.

The rest of the group included Andria Johnson, Sheradyn Quast and Samyta Rai, who helped sell pizza and buy the gifts, as well as spread Christmas cheer at the hospital on Monday, Dec. 23.

“It just goes to show how creative minds can work together to do something amazing,” said senior leadership teacher Soraya Rajabally.