The summer student job challenge

Enjoy basking in the sun or hunt for elusive employment?

The summer student job challenge

As most of us are approaching the end of exam week, we are starting to be asked the question: “What are your plans for the summer”?

As teens we are almost expected to have a job set for summer, whether it’s working at the local grocery store or volunteering at the Abbotsford hospital. The pressure of our parents pushing us to get a job months ago didn’t sink in till now. Stuck in panic mode, most teens are scrabbling to get a job in place before the summer ends.

Talking to teens, 75 per cent said they were looking for a job this summer, but haven’t found one yet. Fifteen per cent said they already have a job. Of those, teen more than half have had their job for some time. Across the board they suggested looking for a job earlier to ensure you beat the competition of summer job applicants. The other 10 per cent say they are too busy to work or to apply for a job this summer, claiming they will get one next year for sure.

Reality is, as teens, we’re picky. We want a job that makes us look good, yet most of us have no experience whatsoever. It’s finally summer and we want to bask in the sun and take spontaneous day trips without the strain of a job tugging us back. Having a job doesn’t have to ruin your summer, but rather give you experience and help you grow in different areas while making some cash

While going through the experience myself, I had no idea where to even look. Our world is changing and employers don’t expect you to go in to their business and hand them your résumé anymore, but rather apply online. Though this method seems impersonal, it is surprisingly handy; you are able to apply for more jobs in less than half the time of driving around town.

Now applying online is one thing, but how do you know if the jobs are available? A helpful tip I recently learned from my friend who has had a job since she was 13, suggested looking on craigslist. My first thoughts were skeptical, but once I checked out the website I was astonished by how beneficial this resource is. Craigslist allows you to actually pick a category of work that you’re interested in and narrow it down to your current city. By picking a job that’s part-time you will still get the flexibility to do activities this summer. Don’t be afraid to apply. See what you’re interested in and just go for it.

Summer jobs and part-time work help us find out what we are love and don’t love to do and we get paid to do it. Regardless of what your parents and friends say, it’s never too late to see what’s out there in the world of jobs.

Paige Gueldner has grown up in Abbotsford, and currently attends MEI. She has had numerous articles published in the school newspaper “The Talon,” Paige is actively involved in her community and has organized events including a fundraiser for International Justice mission.

Watch for her next blog in coming weeks.