Plenty of ways to get active on a long weekend in Abbotsford

Abbotsford's Green Fighter Nicole Bradley lists her favourite ways to get active, and favourite healthy snacks

Nicole Bradley

Nicole Bradley

Abbotsford Green Fighter Nicole Bradley has learned simple ways to get healthy throughout the Kins Farm Market Green Fighter’s challenge.

As the competitor for Abbotsford, Bradley is up against 12 other contestants from around the Lower Mainland. Each week, they take part in a challenge – from creating recipes to making an inspirational video – for a chance to win weekly prizes. The contestant who shows the greatest improvement in health at the end of the 13 weeks will win a cruise.

The 13-week contest kicked off March 1, and encourages competitors to adopt healthier lifestyles while raising money for cancer research.

“I knew I wanted to donate some of my time and volunteer at the (Canadian) Cancer Society because I had turned 22 and my dad had lost his arm to cancer when he was 22.”

Bradley –  a dispatcher at Terralink Horticulture – also had a New Year’s resolution to get healthy and be more involved in the community.

“It kind of fit into both of those goals.”

To follow Bradley’s progress, go to the Kin’s Green Fighters Facebook page.

To donate to Bradley’s fundraising efforts for the Canadian Cancer Society, click here.

This week’s challenge was for Bradley to come up with a list of fun activities to get people out and exercising on the long weekend.


For Bradley’s list, see below:


I LOVE exploring in the Fraser Valley since there is ALWAYS something to do and we live in such a beautiful area. So here goes:

1) Go for a walk – There are so so many beautiful trails in our area, you really don’t have to go too far to enjoy nature.

2) Register in a run – Even if you’re not a runner (I sure wasn’t when I decided to do the Sun Run this year)…But there are so many races going on in just about every community in a variety of distances and most benefit some type of charity.

3) Bike ride – to work, to the store, in the trails, anywhere just get outside! As soon as you hop back on that bike thats been collecting dust in the garage, you’ll remember how much fun it is to ride!

4) Explore – Get in your car and drive to a near by community or neighbourhood that you haven’t spent much time in and just spend a few hours exploring. Visit locally owned shops and talk to people.

5) Visit your local Farmers’ Market – Just about every community has one and its a great way to support small local businesses and bond with your family.

6) PLAY – Go to the nearest playground and play on the equipment, at first you may feel a little ridiculous, but this is ACTUALLY a ton of fun!

7) Take up a sport – Join a local soccer, basketball, tennis or baseball team – what ever you fancy, join something and have fun at it!

8) Go swimming – Whether this be indoors or out, swimming is fun and great exercise and there are so many lakes, rivers and streams in our area to be enjoyed.

9) Try out a new class – Spinning, Zumba, pole fitness, circus, aqua-fit, hot yoga, anything that you think you may have the slightest interest in, try it out – you never know what you will love!

10) Grab a Friend – Don’t hog all the benefits of engaging in your community, exercising and getting healthy, share these experiences and activities with friends! It’s much more fun that way and will help get you motivated!


Now how can we make sure we are giving our bodies the nutrients we need to keep our energy up so we can do all these things? Here is a list of my top 10 favorite meals and snacks:

1) Fruit – Honey Belle pears are my new favorite, along with apples, grapes, cara cara oranges – the list is endless.

2) Protein shakes – these are super quick and easy to grab as your running out the door.

3) Protein bars – I love these for the shear convenience of them, although you shouldn’t be relying on these too often, they are great grab and go snacks if your headed out to a hike.

4) Cranberry/Blueberry Bran muffins – These are a treat for me, but still have a bit of a healthy edge and will help you feel full.

5) Turkey Oatmeal muffins – With ground turkey, oatmeal, egg whites and a few veggies thrown in, these are a great grab and go, protein packed breakfast meal, or really snack for any time of day that are high in protein, dairy free and wheat free.

6) Veggie snacks – cut up veggies, quick, easy and fills you up – also packed with vitamins! BONUS!

7) Nuts – Whichever are your favorite kind, grab a handful on your way out the door.

8) Granola with dried fruit – This is a good portable snack, but remember some granola can be very high in sugar, salt and sodium – try making your own so you can control the ingredients, it’s actually quite easy.

9) Roasted chick Peas – These are quite easy to make, easy to grab and can be made in a variety of flavors from sweet to savoury to spicy

10) Kale chips – A great alternative to potato chips, but are still satisfying for the salt lover, make them in any flavor you desire!

Also, Dont forget there are only a couple weeks left in the challenge and I am still $670.59 away from my $1000 fundraising goal in support of the cancer society!