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One way to support the Earth this holiday season? Recycle old decorations

Product Care Recycling is urging British Columbians to take care of holiday waste responsibly
Christmas lights account for much of the light bulb waste found in landfills, according to Product Care Recycling. (Hollie Ferguson/News Staff)

Recycling old Christmas lights is a gift to the environment that keeps on giving, according to Product Care Recycling.

The recycling organization has over 150 drop-off locations to make it easy to recycle old and burned-out Christmas lights, which account for much of the almost seven million light bulbs in B.C.’s landfills.

In a statement, Product Care’s VP of operations Mannie Cheung said recycling string lights helps ensure they will be used again and reduces the amount of waste in landfills.

“After they’re dropped off, lighting products are transported to authorized processing facilities here in Canada, and they’re separated by material such as metal, glass, and plastic,” Cheung said. “Then, the various materials are repurposed for new uses to give them a new life.”

The number of British Columbians that decorate with string lights is high at 60 per cent, and there is a wide array of string lights that can be recycled, including LED garlands and larger bulb strings.

According to Product Care, string lights are just one of many types of bulbs that are recyclable. Other light fixtures that can be recycled include chandeliers, lamps, flashlights and garden lights.

Solo bulbs are also accepted at the drop-off locations.

Product Care Recycling also makes it easy to know where to go with the recycling locator that leads right to drop-off sites.

For more information about what holiday decorations can be recycled, visit

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