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Little Sprout Cafe in Abbotsford reopens after temporary closure

Business operated by Communitas Supportive Care Society
Patrick Moore is the new head chef at Little Sprout Cafe and comes to the role with more than 40 years of experience in the industry. (Little Sprout Cafe photo: Vicky Manderson)

Little Sprout Cafe, operated by Communitas Supportive Care Society in Abbotsford, has reopened its doors after having to close temporarily due to staffing shortages.

“We are so excited to be open again and serving our faithful customers,” said Matt Dirks, chief innovation officer for Communitas.

Little Sprout Cafe, which initially opened its doors in April 2021, focuses on fresh, nourishing food featuring locally sourced ingredients.

The curated menu showcases the microgreens grown right in the cafe in urban cultivators, but what makes the cafe truly unique is its focus on inclusive hiring.

As an enterprise of Communitas, Little Sprout Cafe prioritizes employees who live with challenges, creating an environment where people receive the support they need so that they can deliver their best.

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“We are grateful for the enthusiastic support we’ve received from the public both in terms of our menu and the way we support people in our community,” Dirks said.

It has taken several months for the cafe to reopen, as new staff and trainees have come on board and prepared to deliver the same quality food and service that customers have come to expect.

Patrick Moore, the new chef at Little Sprout, has more than 40 years of experience in the restaurant business. He said he loves having such fresh product at his fingertips and is enthusiastic about his staff team.

“This is the most positive and friendly environment that I have ever experienced,” he said. “The staff in the cafe are amazing.”

Mikayla Mendonça is a returning customer who is thrilled that Little Sprout Cafe is open again.

“The positive energy here is absolutely contagious,” she said. “And the food! I can’t say enough about how fresh the flavours are. Can’t wait to keep bringing my son back so that he can experience all the tastes that Little Sprout Café has to offer.”

Little Sprout Cafe is located at #102 – 2776 Bourquin Crescent West and is open Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Visit for more information.

Little Sprout Cafe focuses on healthy eating and inclusive hiring. Pictured is a ham and brie sandwich. (Little Sprout Cafe photo: Vicky Manderson)

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