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Hypnotist holds stop-smoking seminar

Vance Romane visits Abbotsford on June 17 for seminar
Hypnotist Vance Romane comes to Abbotsford on Wednesday

Hypnotist Vance Romane comes to Abbotsford on Wednesday, June 17 for a stop-smoking seminar.

The event begins at 7 p.m. at the Ramada Plaza and Conference Centre.

Romane says that thousands of his seminar participants have stopped smoking without cravings, withdrawals or weight gain.

He has presented his seminar coast to coast to thousands of people.

Romane first became interested in helping people to stop smoking in 1964. That was the year that his father had part of his lip surgically removed due to a pre-cancerous disease caused by smoking.

In 1971, Romane graduated from the University of Manitoba, and then decided to work at the Psychiatric Institute in Winnipeg, where he helped patients to overcome anxiety and stress.

He continued to specialize in hypnosis and attended many workshops throughout North America to become a certified master hypnotherapist.

Romane says hypnotized people possess extremely powerful concentration which they use to focus upon positive instructions. They are not asleep, but fully aware and in control.

“Just as a stage hypnotist entertainer can make someone believe he is a famous movie star or thrilling entertainer, hypnosis can be used to convince someone that he is a permanent non-smoker,” he says.

Tickets are available online at or charge by phone at 1-888-222-6608. Tickets are also available at the door at 6:15.

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