Help available with taxes

Low or modest income residents can seek assistance in preparing tax returns

As the tax filing deadline approaches, the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) would like to remind Canadians with low or modest incomes that volunteers are available in Abbotsford to assist with the preparation of tax returns.

Each year, through its Community Volunteer Income Tax Program, the CRA links with community organizations to train volunteers to complete basic tax returns. The groups hold tax-preparation clinics where the volunteers donate their time to help people with simple-tax filing situations, complete their income tax and benefit returns, free of charge.

Last year, in British Columbia and the Yukon, 2,513 volunteers helped prepare 99,067 income tax returns. Through the dedication of these volunteers, thousands of Canadians understood and met their tax obligations and continued to receive their tax credits and benefits on time.

To determine if you are eligible for this service call the CRA toll free at 1-800-959-8281, or visit

In Abbotsford, help is available through the Clearbrook Golden Age Society (604-853-5532) and Abbotsford Community Services (604-870-3763). Please call for an appointment.