Representing local charities

Representing local charities

Five charity organizations make it to finale of challenge

Charities will compete in the finale of the Save-On-Foods Charity Challenge

Last Saturday, 10 local charities vied for a chance to win $10,000 through a contest held to celebrate the new Save-On-Foods location on Whatcom Road.

Of the 40 charities that submitted applications, 10 semi-finalists were selected to guess how many cereal boxes were piled in the back of a large truck.

Following the event, Save-On-Foods donated those 150 jumbo-sized cereal boxes to the local food bank, and Abbotsford News staff made the delivery.

The top five charity representatives who had the closest guesses were from Canuck Place, Kids Sport, Abbotsford Hospice, Salvation Army and Abbotsford Youth Commission.

During intermission at the Abbotsford Heat hockey game on Dec. 18, the finalists will each be paired with an Abbotsford Pilots player, who will shoot the puck at a small opening in a board covering the net on behalf of his charity representative.

Save-On-Foods will award $5,000 to the charity which gets the puck closest to the mark. The award doubles to $10,000 if the puck makes it in.

A separate contest for Save-On-Foods customers also took place last weekend, in which five contestants estimated the dollar value of a full shopping cart.

Winners Shannon Lemperes and her son Chase took home the groceries, valued at more than $250.




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