Photo labelled for reuse from Flickr account dcmaster.

Photo labelled for reuse from Flickr account dcmaster.

Don’t trash old tech after Christmas! Find out where to recycle electronics in Abbotsford

Over 17,000 metric tonnes of old electronics saved from B.C. landfills annually

After unwrapping your shiny new high-tech electronics from Christmas this year, be mindful of where you toss your old gadgets.

There are six places to recycle dated electronics in the city: Abbotsford Bottle Depot on Walsh Avenue, Best Buy on South Fraser Way, the Abbotsford Mission Recycling Program on Valley Road, R&T Recyclables & Bottle Depot on South Fraser Way, Regional Recycling on Riverside Road and Staples on South Fraser Way.

Around 80 per cent of people in B.C. have at least one electronic device at home they no longer use, according to the Electronic Products Recycling Association of BC.

Every year, over three million devices, or 17,000 metric tonnes, are saved from being trashed in landfills and recycled at one of B.C.’s 284 collection sites.

Electronics contain valuable materials like aluminum, steel, copper, silver and even gold, which can be repurposed for other products along with the plastics and glass.

Old products can also be donated to non-profits such as the BC Technology for Learning Society’s program, which distributes the gadgets to schools, charities and libraries.