Dimes from Dunach Elementary help Haiti

Students from Dunach Elementary helped raise funds for Haiti.

Students from Dunach Elementary helped raise funds for Haiti.

Just before Christmas, staff and students at Dunach Elementary School held a fundraiser in support of Haiti.

The funds were sent to help provide blackboards and benches for a school in Marbial, Haiti which had been destroyed in the earthquake.

Faith and Love Children’s Ministry (FLCM) has rebuilt the school and will be receiving Dunach’s donation of $1,697.63.

The school campaign was named “Dimes from Dunach” and involved boys versus girls collecting change, cash, cheques and other donations.

Students became involved and were excited to extend themselves to others in desperate need. A bulletin board in the front entrance of the school, highlighted the fundraiser and showed pictures of the receiving community.

Last year, Dunach students raised $550 for the Haiti earthquake relief effort, which was matched by the government to total $1,100.

The school intends to continue its fundraising efforts by participating in a seed program that will provide seeds, foods, income and sustainable living to the Haitian community.