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Abbotsford Tech District contributes $100K to flood recovery

Four different agencies will each receive $25,000 to help their efforts
The Abbotsford Tech District is donating $100,000 towards flood recovery in Abbotsford. (City of Abbotsford)

Abbotsford Tech District and project backers Auguston Town Development Inc. are donating $100,000 to flood relief and recovery efforts.

They are encouraging other businesses and individuals who have the means and the inclination to also donate.

Four contributions of $25,000 each will be made to four organizations – the Abbotsford Disaster Relief Fund (ADRF), Archway Food Bank, the BC Agriculture Council, and the Bhai Kanhaiya Ji Abbotsford Foundation.

“Even after 25 years seeing our Abbotsford neighbours come together in tough times, we have been inspired by the tragedy and unity of the last few weeks,” said Allen Au and Angela Au of Auguston Town Development Inc.

“We are thankful for the leadership of Mayor Braun and the hard work of so many people on the front lines, and we want to do our part.”

Gavin Dew, Abbotsford Tech District’s chief strategic advisor, said their project is all about agricultural innovation, food security, and sustainability, “which are front of mind as we think about post-flood recovery.”

“Better days are ahead; these donations are a small down payment on our commitment to a bright future for Abbotsford.”

The ADRF was created by a trio of local organizations – the University of the Fraser Valley, the Abbotsford Chamber of Commerce, and the Abbotsford Community Foundation.

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The fund receives donations and then grants funds to on-the-ground relief agencies who directly assist those in need.

“We are grateful for this timely and very generous support of the ADRF,” said Craig Toews, vice-president external at UFV. “The Abbotsford community has always come together in the face of challenges, and we are all working together to support relief, recovery, and rebuilding.”

Stan Vander Waal, president of BC Agriculture Council, said the road to recovery will be long, hard, and expensive.

“Our farming families are incredibly resilient and, thanks to the support we have received from donations such as this, we will rebuild.”

“In the last three weeks, thousands of our neighbours across B.C. faced the loss of their homes, livelihoods and sense of security,” said Rod Santiago, executive director of Archway Community Services. “It’s a sobering reminder that any of us could have our lives turned upside down at any time.”

Jag Khangura of the Bhai Kanhaiya Ji Abbotsford Foundation said the organization is built around the goal of Seva, the Punjabi word for “selfless service.”

“Our foundation is named after a saintly Sikh during the late 17th and early 18th centuries who was known for service to all regardless of social status or religion, and we have seen so much of that spirit in the relief efforts of the last few weeks.”

Abbotsford Tech District is a proposed mixed-use community situated on Sumas Mountain, where people will live, study, work, and play as the community is built out in phases.

With an initial focus on Abbotsford’s powerhouse agriculture sector, the Tech District will host education, research, and commercialization across the tech sector.

The physical cornerstone of Abbotsford Tech District will be an integrated education, research, and commercialization hub intended to host home-grown researchers and innovators as well as international tech companies.

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