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Abbotsford author John Redekop releases new book, Mennonite in Motion

Book is autobiographical, but also covers larger political and religious matters
John Redekop of Abbotsford is releasing his latest book, Mennonite in Motion. Two book launches take place on Saturday, April 23.

Two book launches take place Saturday, April 23 for a new book by John Redekop of Abbotsford.

Redekop’s most recent book is titled Mennonite in Motion: The Life and Times of John H. Redekop PhD.

He says the book is more than an autobiography; it also deals with some larger political and religious matters and contains 232 pictures, 181 of them in colour.

Redekop says the book has “significant Abbotsford content.”

Mennonite in Motion details Redekop’s epic journey across the Sahara on a motorcycle in the 1950s and his request, in the Kremlin, for religious freedom.

It recounts his struggles with many questions during his university years and later in life in finding God. He says that several miracles strengthened his faith.

Redekop says Mennonite in Motion describes a host of adventures and also takes the reader on a spiritual pilgrimage.

“I firmly believe that everything I’ve gone through in life has helped me find God. Even during the difficult and painful times, He did not give up on me. He showed me the pathway to go and gave me the courage and ability to do whatever I have accomplished,” he said.

The book highlights Redekop’s activities in many countries. Several times, his life was in danger, including when a hunter once shot at him, mistaking him for big game.

He was stunned by the reaction of the congregation when preaching in Communist China. He was fearful when a Muslim officer in Libya thought he might be a Jewish spy.

Together with three other western Christian leaders, he challenged the Soviet Commissar for Religious Affairs, in the Kremlin, to grant freedom to Christians. He was humbled when he was awarded an honorary doctorate.

Redekop is a columnist and author, a former public school teacher and a former university political science professor.

He was born in Saskatchewan and moved to Abbotsford in his youth.

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He attended Mennonite Educational Institute and UBC, then earned a master’s degree at Berkeley and a PhD at the University of Washington.

He taught at Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario for many years, then took early retirement and became a scholar in residence and then adjunct professor at Trinity Western University.

Redekop has served on many boards over the years, including on a committee that purchased the property that became Stillwood Camp and Conference Centre near Cultus Lake.

Redekop is the recipient of 10 national writing awards, the Wilfrid Laurier University and the Ontario provincial teaching award, a Governor-General’s Medal for significant service to Canada, and an honorary doctorate from Trinity Western University.

In 2019, he was awarded the Betty Urqhart Award for Community Service by University of the Fraser Valley.

Redekop will be on hand for the two book launches in Abbosford on April 23. The first is from 9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. at House of James (2743 Emerson St.), and the second is at 2 p.m. at Mennonite Heritage Museum (1818 Clearbrook Rd.).

The book is also available on Kindle and Amazon.