A whole person approach to cancer treatment and prevention

A free public talk on the topic of disease prevention and integrated cancer care on April 2 at UFV

The Canadian Federation of University Women Abbotsford are pleased to present a free public talk on the topic of disease prevention and integrated cancer care on April 2 from 7:30 to 9 p.m.,  Room B121 Building B, at the University of the Fraser Valley in Abbotsford.

The talk will feature Dr. Teresa Clarke, a physician with InspireHealth, an integrated cancer care centre.

While cancer continues to be a major public health concern, one area that has grown in interest is integrated cancer care. Integrated cancer care focuses on health and healthy lifestyle by engaging people in their own health care through nutrition, exercise, and emotional and spiritual support in conjunction with conventional cancer treatment.  Patients improve their quality of life, decrease the risk of cancer recurrence and increase survival.

Interest in integrated cancer care is growing as increasing clinical research substantiates its effectiveness.  Sadly, cancer prevention information and integrated cancer care options are not mainstream knowledge. As recent research shows, only five per cent of North American cancer survivors are meeting experts’ recommendations on diet, physical activity and quitting smoking.  This is a serious concern because the integrative approach has been proven to save and prolong lives.

Integrated cancer care is an effective treatment option for cancer patients, says Dr. Teresa Clarke at Vancouver’s InspireHealth, Canada’s leading integrative cancer care centre.

“Integrated cancer care emphasizes placing the patient at the centre of a mind, body, spirit approach to healing. This comprehensive, whole-person approach is empowering and is extremely effective in improving cancer outcomes and quality of life,” said Clarke. She adds that the rising cost of conventional cancer care is giving impetus to the move towards an integrated care model, which may reduce costs.

On Monday Clarke will speak about and answer questions on the meaning of integrated cancer care and the importance of a healthy lifestyle in relation to cancer care and prevention. She will also present relevant case studies and the research that supports them. She will present a number of important health and cancer prevention tips and also update everyone on InspireHealth’s opening in Abbotsford scheduled for 2013.