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Eflexonics launches in Abbotsford

Webcast service showcases business products and services on the Internet

Rick Haaland , a computer, telephony and electronics technician, has launched his business 'eflexonics' in Abbotsford.

Haaland was part of the training and development departments of one of the largest technically based call centres in North America.

Eflexonics is a webcast service that showcases business products and services on the Internet for clients and potential clients.

The company creates a TV and radio-like experience for the business that compliments a website, blog or other marketing campaigns. Eflexonics has a professional grade broadcast studio that can supply video, audio, voice-over, commercials, narrations and remote webcast, blogging and sales platforms.

The main broadcast studio is located in Abbotsford, featuring remote equipment that can be used to capture customer testimonials, video record on site demonstrations, as well as help set up blogs so clients can be interactive and dynamic with a business.

Businesses can be marketed locally (In Abbotsford or internationally) on eflexonic web-based properties.

The company also teaches classes in video-based Internet marketing on the weekends.

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