Former faller says wildfire response mismanaged

The initial firefighters should be loggers and first responders living in the same area as the fire

  • Sep 2nd, 2017

LETTER: Tennis courts at a premium

Tennis is not a dying sport nor a fad

  • Aug 31st, 2017

LETTER: Taxes versus home prices

Media coverage regarding the cost of housing overshadows a much higher cost …

  • Aug 31st, 2017

Speed and weed aren’t helping ICBC

Readers call for electronic enforcement, car insurance competition

  • Aug 31st, 2017

LETTER: Litterers are scumbags

Garbage on the side of the roads is absolutely disgusting

  • Aug 24th, 2017
Racist ranter pleads guilty
  • 16 hours ago


Plane makes emergency landing at the Abbotsford Airport


    Abbotsford Panthers 2017


      Abbotsford Falcons football


        Killing bears, one way or another

        B.C. hunters speak out about grizzly hunt, wildlife management

        • Aug 23rd, 2017

        LETTER: Minimum wage may not be a comfortable living wage, but it is a start

        I have been listening with interest to comments and concerns regarding increase to minimum wage.

        • Aug 19th, 2017

        LETTER: Bring back photo radar

        I saw the positive effects of this in Edmonton, when the new ring freeway was completed

        • Aug 18th, 2017

        LETTER: Ag land lost, future jobs lost

        City of Abbotsford is proposing to change agricultural land into industrial land …

        • Jul 27th, 2017

        LETTER: Delivering our own garbage

        No fun taking recyclables to four different locations

        • Jul 27th, 2017

        LETTER: Don’t expect government to act reasonably

        Nothing happens in a vacuum, proven once more by the intersection of two front-page stories

        • May 26th, 2017

        LETTER: Paying their kindness forward

        Kind act in restaurant made our day

        • May 26th, 2017

        LETTER: Editorial point not supported by facts

        May 12 editorial makes a point not supported by the facts

        • May 25th, 2017

        LETTER: Don’t paint all students with the same brush

        In regards to Leonard Remple letter to the editor in The News

        • May 5th, 2017

        LETTER: Butting out is the right decision

        Commending pending decision of city council to prohibit smoking of all kinds in park

        • May 5th, 2017

        LETTER: Rethink Beaver Street plan

        I could not believe what I read in the paper saying Beaver Street was going to get a sidewalk

        • May 5th, 2017

        LETTER: Need strict rules for LNG go-ahead

        I’d like to support LNG, because I hope that it will replace coal

        • May 4th, 2017

        LETTER: Silence is golden

        Many people in Abbotsford are looking forward to implementation of new noise bylaw

        • May 4th, 2017

        Letter: ‘Province illegally stripped contracts’

        Tom Fletcher has once again decided to take a dig at teachers, this time in an attempt to sway voters.

        • Apr 29th, 2017