Sustainability plan borders on environmental worship

The Abbotsford sustainability train left the tracks a long time ago.

The Abbotsford sustainability train left the tracks a long time ago.

Since derailing, it has gathered momentum with every ill-intentioned project along its descent into the abyss. Some examples are the Heat deal, Plan A, the P3 water deal, and currently the YMCA giveaway.

As a crowning achievement we now have the Green Community Sustainability Plannning Initiative. Wow. This is the plan! The plan that will see the environment “sustained” at all cost to our society’s economic and social fabric and well-being. Nothing is more important than the environment to those who are busily crafting this plan, and those who carefully constructed it to ensure its continuity, by linking it to gas tax funding and other kickbacks.

Really? I would rather pay back funding from the coercion sources that helped to initiate this, rather than be burdened with the forever cost of continuing down the path of environmental worship.

Don’t get me wrong. I am all for environmental stewardship, but when it comes to environmental worship? Make me…

I implore the citizens of Abbotsford to fine-tune their memories for 2014, when we will be thrilled with the ability to clean house and install a city council with at least a shred of common sense.

To anyone uncertain during the municipal election of 2014, here is a quote from Albert Einstein, “The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them.”

Eric van Steenis