LETTER: When two scooters meet on a sidewalk, who yields?

How regulated are scooters in Abbotsford?

Watching a stunning incident of two scooters colliding on a sidewalk at Sevenoaks Shopping Centre last Saturday invited a halt in my shopping spree.

Amongst a lot of yelling and screaming this event ended when two police cars come zooming in trying to regain order.

A steady circle of onlookers kept growing while the voices of the two scooter drivers raised to a screeching level.

Observing the unruly scene, I wondered are there no regulations for scooters and bicycles at all for sidewalks? Which of the two drivers should have moved over to let the other go by on the sidewalk where only one can pass at a time? In front of most stores there is no room for two scooters to pass each other.

On second thought, are there any regulations at all for these vehicles in Abbotsford or anywhere else?

Gertie Pool


Editor’s note: Abbotsford Police Const. Ian MacDonald says mobility scooters must follow the same rules as pedestrians. That means that on the sidewalks “politeness and courtesy rule.”