White Christmas Watch: Will there be snow on Dec. 25?

Less than a week before Christmas and flurries are in the forecast for Dec. 25

Will Abbotsford have a rare White Christmas?

Well, six days from the big day and Environment Canada says there’s a chance there will be snow on the ground on Christmas Day, even if it’s likely the white stuff currently on the ground will be long gone.

Rain is in the forecast for the entire week, with temperatures between 4 and 8 C. That should do away with the snow that is still sticking around.

However, temperatures are forecast to dip down to 1 c on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, and Environment Canada forecasts rain or snow. And on the big day itself, the forecast is currently for flurries or rain showers, with a high of 3 C.

That forecast could change in the days to come, though, as Christmas approaches.

Watch abbynews.com as Dec. 25 draws nearer to see if we’ll have a White Christmas.