No traffic calming needed for Abbotsford neighbourhood: city staff

Data doesn’t show need to deter speeders or shortcutters

A west Abbotsford neighbourhood’s plea for help to slow speeders and shortcutters was rebuffed by city staff who say traffic in the area isn’t above average or overly fast.

Dehavilland Drive resident Rick Reid had previously written to the city’s transportation advisory committee, saying that his road is frequently used by non-residents travelling between Townline Road and Old Yale Road, in order to avoid traffic and lights on Maclure Road, just to Dehavilland’s north.

Reid said drivers use the road to access the local Catholic church and school, and that others often blast down the road at 100 km/h to beat signals along Maclure and Old Yale roads.

But transportation department staff found that traffic on the road didn’t satisfy pre-established criteria needed to justify calming devices.

Most drivers, a survey found, actually drive under 40 km/h on the road, and traffic levels also didn’t meet the criteria or suggest that significant shortcutting is taking place.