Female sex offender sentenced for breaching probation

Female sex offender sentenced for breaching probation

Audrey Black receives another three years’ probation

A woman with a history of sexual offences against children has been sentenced for breaching her court-ordered probation conditions in Abbotsford.

Audrey Elizabeth Jean Black, 41, has been sentenced to two days in jail and three additional years of probation related to two breaches – one from Feb. 17, 2016 and the other from May 4, 2017.

Two other breach charges – from December 2015 and April 2016 – were stayed.

Black, previously described by authorities as a high-risk sex offender, was the subject in June 2011 of a public notice by police after she chose to live in Abbotsford.

Black had been sentenced to four years in prison in Saskatchewan in 2007 after pleading guilty to sexual interference with a person under the age of 14, sexual touching of a person under 14, one count of making child pornography, and one count of bestiality.

At the time, her husband Donald William Black was already serving an eight-year sentence for the same crimes, committed against two girls, ages 18 months and four years.

He was also convicted of crimes against a third girl, a five-year-old.

The conditions of Black’s release included that she not attend any park, playground, recreation centre or other location where children are expected to be present.

She was also prohibited from possessing or using any electronic device that is capable of accessing the internet.

Black was first charged with breaching her conditions in late 2014 after she allegedly attended a church service in Abbotsford where children were present.

While she was out on bail on that charge, she went to Albert Dyck Park in June 2015 and was again arrested. She was sentenced the following month to an additional three years of probation, while the charge related to her church attendance was stayed.

The most recent breach charges were laid after police investigated whether she was complying with her court-ordered conditions to refrain from using the internet.