Federal candidates Q&A: Daniel Bryce, Green Party

What are the most important issues of this election to you?

Daniel Bryce

Daniel Bryce

Occupation: Postal Clerk

Marital status: Single

Political experience: Green Party candidate in Abbotsford South for 2009 provincial election

Community involvement: Atangard Community Project, Jammin’ Jubilee Board, Community Garden group


What are the most important issues of this election to you?

Affordable housing has always been the most important issue on my radar. With the green party, environmental issues are always a high priority. Poverty is my number-one issue, and the environment is intertwined. Number two is the economy. I read recently that if we didn’t drain Sumas Lake, we would have more wealth created through the sustainable fishery than we have through farming. We don’t know the impacts of what we do today 100 years from now.

What is the number one issue for the Green Party?

Electoral reform, and reform of how our government works. The electoral system doesn’t represent voters. The first-past-the-post system is completely wrongheaded, where one party gets the most seats and they form the government. Every elected person should be part of the government. Proportional representation would create better government. The Green party got almost a million votes across Canada, and did not get one seat in Parliament. The Bloc Quebecois received slightly more than a million votes, and they’ve got 49 seats.

Is the P3 water option a good deal for Abbotsford, and is promoting P3s good federal policy?

Giving the city one option for funding – P3 or no funding – is not a great option for the city. P3s might be good in a construction role, but not operations. How much do you let the private sector into something as important as water? They are in it for profit, and the government is in it for the public good, so they are at conflicting interests. We need to develop a water source, but we are going at this much too quickly, and not listening to what the public wants.

Is the HST a federal election issue?

It is, but the federal government can’t fix it. It has to be approved by the province. The big thing is that people feel duped – one thing was promised in the provincial election, but another thing happened.

Why should the people of Abbotsford vote for you?

Because of how much I care about Abbotsford. I’m in it for the long haul. I’m going to be in politics in Abbotsford, in one form or another, for the rest of my life. I studied community planning and political history, and was encouraged by my mentors and professors that if you want to see change, then go out and get it done.