Lara Kraubner and Jesse Webb, from Dignity Memorial.

4 reasons pre-planning your funeral arrangements just makes sense

Pre-planning can save money, support your family and provide the service you want

From weddings to a home purchase to retirement, we plan ahead for the most significant elements of life. It’s smart, practical and shows we care about our loved ones.

The topic of death and funeral planning is often a different matter. It shouldn’t be.

In fact, it offers the same benefits: supporting your loved ones at a difficult time, saving significant time and money, and bringing peace of mind.

It’s with that knowledge that more people are pre-planning, choosing not only what their after-death care will look like – burial versus cremation, for example – but also what their service will look like, in as much or as little detail as they wish, explains Jay Ariken, with Dignity Memorial.

“Pre-planning your funeral is the smart trend. Unlike life insurance benefits, which often support survivors, death care insurance provides the service you want, while removing a huge weight from your family,” Ariken says.

Ease the impact on your family. Perhaps the most significant benefit of pre-planning is peace of mind for loved ones. Regardless of whether a death is sudden or expected, grief is significant and the fewer decisions family must undertake, the easier it will be for them.

Save on the cost of your service. Depending on your wishes, funeral expenses can be significant. However, costs for pre-planning services are guaranteed from the day of registration, so even if prices increase, your costs won’t be affected. Policies can also be customized, with options such as bereavement travel services.

Services for children. If you have a Dignity Memorial package and suffer a loss of a child or grandchild, unmarried and under age 21, Dignity will provide complimentary funeral or cremation services to the same level as your package through any Dignity Memorial provider nationwide.

Have the service you want. Record your wishes in a pre-planning guide, providing everything you need to organize vital information such as personal affairs, family heritage, estate information and more. Discuss with your service professional meaningful ways loved ones may wish to celebrate your life and memory, share your wishes with family and consider incorporating their wishes. “It’s a great benefit to your family and relieves them of having to make many difficult decisions,” Ariken notes.

When should I start? The best age to pre-plan for your service is between age 40 and 70, Ariken suggests. By choosing an umbrella plan with term insurance, monthly payments are made very affordable, sometimes equal to your daily cup of coffee or an extravagant lunch per week.

What if I move? Look for a transferable policy. For example, Dignity Memorial’s prearranged funeral services will be honoured by any of its North American providers.

Are there additional services for my family? Look for services that also support families. Woodlawn Dignity Memorial provides an Aftercare Planner, a comprehensive estate management guide including many pre-written letters to help finalize business and personal affairs, Estate Fraud Protection, which notifies key organizations that a loved one has died to prevent identity theft, and a 24-Hour Compassion Helpline, staffed by professionals and available toll-free for up to one year.

Learn more about planning for your needs by calling a Pre-Planning Advisor today!


Dignity Memorial is a member of North America’s largest provider of funeral, cremation and cemetery services, providing families compassionate and professional final arrangements.

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