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Six new courses coming to Abbotsford school district curriculum

Board of education approves the courses for Grade 10 to 12 students at meeting on Tuesday (May 14)
The new courses are locally created to fit the needs of Abbotsford students. (File photo)

There will be six new courses offered in the Abbotsford school district for the 2024-25 school year for students in Grade 10 to 12.

The board of education approved the courses by a vote of 7-0 at the monthly public meeting on Thursday (May 14).

The board authority authorized courses (BAAC) are Applications for Learning 10-12, Foundations of English Literacy: Oral Language 10-12, Foundations of English Literacy: Reading and Writing 10-12, Basketball Foundations 10-12, Rugby Foundations 10-12 and Volleyball 10-12.

“Any time we can provide a personalized learning experience for students, we provide opportunities for them to engage deeply with their passions,” board chair Shirley Wilson said. “Preparing our students for a lifetime of success includes offering local courses to meet their needs.”

Applications for Learning 10-12 is designed for students with additional learning needs to help develop skills to be successful post graduation. Both English Literacy Oral and Reading and Writing 10-12 are designed for level one and two English language learners who may be students with interrupted or limited education. These courses will develop foundational language skills.

The three sports courses are designed to enhance the extracurricular experiences of students. The courses will build sport-specific skills while providing experience in leadership, coaching and refereeing.

The district BAAC review committee meets annually to review course proposals submitted by secondary schools. The board must submit a copy of the course framework and synopsis for review by the ministry. If approved the district can then offer the course.

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