The ‘travel guru’ has ranked the top bars and pubs in Abbotsford. (YouTube)

The ‘travel guru’ has ranked the top bars and pubs in Abbotsford. (YouTube)

VIDEO: What are the best bars and pubs in Abbotsford?

Popular YouTube video lists top local establishments in the Abbotsford area

The popular ‘Travel Guru’ from the YouTube channel Best Places to Eat has weighed in on his thoughts on the Abbotsford dining scene with his video entitled ‘Best Bars Pubs & hangout places in Abbotsford, Canada.

The channel, which has collected close to 1 million views, is based in India.

“So guys, where are you going this Saturday night for the party?” the guru asks. “You have not decided the venue yet. Just watch this complete video that we have created for you.”

The list includes: Moxie’s, Lou’s Grill, Sneakers Sports Lounge, Bow and Stern, The Keg and Cactus Club (which the guru states is his favourite).

For reasons that are unclear, the video also lists Langley venues such as the Murrayville Town Pub and Samz Neighourhood Pub. Chilliwack establishments Character’s Pub and Grill and Corky’s Irish Pub are also included in the listing of top Abbotsford pubs and bars.

The video description also states that the channel does not support drinking alcohol in any way, but that the video was created after request from its users and subscribers.

The channel also states that the order of the establishments shown is not the overall ranking.

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