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Secret society steals, restores Kelowna gnomes

A mysterious secret society stole, restored and returned a Kelowna man's gnomes in a mischievous act of kindness

A Kelowna household was the latest subject of a covert restoration project undertaken by an 'un-gnome' organization. 

The group calls themselves the 'Gnome Restoration Society,' and Kelowna resident and gnome-owner Kelly Blair has no idea who or how many people may be involved in the secretive organization. 

In late June, Blair was sad to discover that his beloved, albeit weathered and worn, gnomes were missing from his front lawn. 

Having already had a few items – including a canoe – go missing from his property over the last few weeks, Blair assumed that thieves had snatched his gnomes and accepted the fact that the tiny men were likely never to be seen again.

"They were just gone," said Blair.

However, on July 3, Blair curiously heard a knock at his backdoor.

There stood an elderly woman who presented a perplexed Blair with a blank envelope addressed to "The Homeowner."

Inside the envelope was a cut-out image of a gnome with the words "The Gnome Restoration Society" inscribed on the back. 

The woman, would not answer any questions, then instructed Blair to follow her to her vehicle. 

"The lady wouldn't tell me anything," said Blair.

The woman told him that she was simply delivering the gnomes and was unable to answer any questions about the gnomes had been or who was involved in the secret society. 

She told Blair, "These folks want to remain anonymous."

Then, she opened the back of her car and there they were – all of Blair's gnomes in pristine condition. 

Every single gnome that had gone missing from his lawn, plus two extra had been cleaned, painted and were smiling up at him from boxes in the back of the mysterious woman's vehicle. 

"The gnomes are home," said Blair, to Black Press, in disbelief that he had been involved in such silly and wonderful mischief. 

"It totally made my day."

Blair said his gnomes have never looked better, noting the attention to detail, creativity and craftsmanship of the paint job on every single one of the ten little men. 

One gnome had been left behind, either intentionally or by mistake and its weathered appearance serves as a reminder of just how much work went into the restoration of the ten other lawn ornaments.

"The detail is just incredible."

Blair said he would like to thank all those involved in the gnome restoration project.

"Thank you so much for this random act of kindness."

Black Press has been unable to uncover any additional information about the Gnome Restoration Society. 

Jacqueline Gelineau

About the Author: Jacqueline Gelineau

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