A vintage Abbotsford post office sign is one of many unique Abbotsford related items available on eBay.

A vintage Abbotsford post office sign is one of many unique Abbotsford related items available on eBay.

Abbotsford’s most unique items on eBay

Several unusual products available for consumers passionate about Abbotsford

The online auction and shopping website eBay has thousands of treasures available to consumers – including some very unusual and rare Abbotsford related items.

Have you ever wanted to own a vintage Abbotsford porcelain post office sign?

The item is currently listed at $424.61, but the seller is accepting offers. It’s unclear when or where the sign was used.

Visit the item by by clicking here.

The sign is currently the highest priced Abbotsford related product on eBay.

Abbotsford International Airshow products can be found all over the site, with the most expensive item being a vintage ramp services hat from the 1983 show. The mesh trucker style hat is blue and does contain a naughty word on it.

It’s currently listed for $65.32. View the item by clicking here.

If you’d rather have an official Abbotsford International Airshow jacket, those are available too. The most valuable is a white rain coat jacket available in a size large. It’s not clear what year the jacket is from, but the seller states there is some yellowing on the jacket due to age.

It’s available for $59.99 and can be viewed by clicking here.

Maybe clothing isn’t your thing and you just want to re-live the show – thankfully you can with a 1986 VHS featuring highlights from that year’s show. The videotape is entitled Airshow: The Ultimate Power Surge and is available for $26.06 from a seller located in Tennessee.

View the VHS tape by clicking here.

If you have a pooch then maybe the antique Abbotsford dog tag could interest you. The tag was created in 1925 and is on sale for $13.05.

Check out the dog tag by clicking here.

Car buffs may be intrigued by the Motormax 1/18 Abbotsford Police Department Ford Crown Victoria model car. The unopened item is approximately 12 inches long, with four opening doors, hood and trunk.

It’s available for $39.13, and can be seen by clicking here.

Maybe you want to step back in time, and a very old yearbook featuring Abbotsford students is also for sale. The 1941-42 Phillip Sheffield High School yearbook is available for $39.13. The book is softcover and does not contain any writing from classmates.

View the yearbook by clicking here.

A more recent yearbook is also available, as the 1998 MEI graduation book is on sale for $37.04. The seller states that it is in good condition for its age.

Check it out by clicking here.

A vintage 1950s-60s Abbotsford pennant can also be found. The felt item appears to be brown and features a moose. The seller claims it is in good to very good condition and is on sale for $15.

View the item by clicking here.

Another odd hat available is a gold yellow Circle K Sumas Shell ball cap. It’s unclear when the item was released but the seller claims it is in good condition.

Check out the vintage hat by clicking here.

Lastly is a collectible Abbotsford plate. The nine inch ceramic item has gold around the edge and is listed for $11.11. The seller is located in Texas. The plate is adorned with several Abbotsford designs.

View the item by clicking here.