Abbotsford bird breeder “Little Joe” displays three of his prized Sun Conure birds. (Facebook)

Abbotsford bird breeder “Little Joe” displays three of his prized Sun Conure birds. (Facebook)

Abbotsford bird breeder bringing smiles to faces (and beaks)

Little Joe’s Companion Birds offers customers the chance to choose from several different species of birds

An Abbotsford bird breeder is connecting feathered friends with potential owners through his growing Facebook page.

Little Joe’s Companion Birds features the many different species of birds available for sale.

The bearded breeder and owner of the business, known as “Joe”, is a registered breeder and member of The Avicultural Advancement Council of Canada.

The AACC is a national Canadian organization consisting of avicultural societies, individual aviculturists and pet bird owners. The AAC. came into being in the early-1970s to fulfill the need for a truly national aviculture organization to establish a uniform set of standards for the exhibition of cage birds in Canada.

Joe claims on several of his Kijiji pages that he is dedicated to the responsible keeping and breeding of companion birds. Some of the birds he breeds include: conures, cockatiels, Indian ringneck parrots, budgies, lovebirds, parrotlets, canaries, finches and variety of other parrots.

The Facebook page currently has nearly 50 likes, and he has received a perfect five-star rating based on the grades from three happy customers.

According to the page, parents and nursery’s are both available for viewing. He goes on to state that all his birds are fed on the best of foods, including ABBA seed, Harrisons and Happy Bird formulated pellet, daily fresh fruit and veggies, sprouted seed and careful use of high protein insectivore supplements.

Serious buyers are encouraged to reach Joe through Kijiji, Facebook or by text at 604-768-9236.