Libby, a very ferocious future police dog, training for the job.

Libby, a very ferocious future police dog, training for the job.

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Police dogs get trained in Maple Ridge, Surrey officials assure there’s no election fraud and more

1. How do you train a good police dog?

When her training is all done, at about 18 months to two years, Libby will be a no-nonsense police dog who will track suspects through all kinds of situations, while ignoring all distractions, such as other dogs yapping at them – if she makes the grade. See more >

2. Surrey’s chief election officer assures voters integrity of elections process is intact

A group’s complaint centres on alleged “fraudulent use of absentee ballots” and “buying votes.” It claims to have “learned of vote buying offers in the South Asian community which is another attempt to suppress registered voters and undermine our democratic process.” See more >

3. LNG Canada export facility in northern B.C. gets green light

“The project LNG Canada is bringing to northern B.C. symbolizes the kind of balanced and sustainable path forward British Columbians are looking for,” said B.C. Premier John Horgan. See more >

4. Man allegedly gets violent after wrong Tim Hortons order

Tim Hortons staff told officers that a man had come in and ordered an Ice Capp. When he received his drink, staff said he began insulting them and poured his Ice Capp onto the counter. See more >

5. Battle over sex education in B.C. sparks #SOGIis4Me campaign

As those for and against B.C.’s sexual orientation and gender identity curriculum continue to clash, advocates of the SOGI program have taken to social media to show their support. See more >

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