Think You Know Richard Sherman?

The brash, confident Seattle Seahawks cornerback got national attention for his on-camera rant after last week's NFC Championship.

Richard Sherman goes up for a ball in practice

Richard Sherman goes up for a ball in practice

(*Article from John Boyle, a columnist of the Black Press-owned Everett Herald in Washington state.)

Richard Sherman became a national story with a 20-second interview moments after the Seattle Seahawks won the NFC Championship game. On Wednesday, the cornerback spent more than 20 minutes at a podium giving intelligent, honest and sometimes humorous answers.

So which instance will you use to form a judgment? If that angry rant is too much for you, or if you don’t like when Sherman talks trash on the field, maybe you can’t see past that small part of him and see the whole person. But before you judge him, at least take the time to listen to or at least read the highlights from his press conference.

In reality, both the sound-bite and the lengthy interview are part of who Sherman is, but just as the postgame interview with Fox Sports was a small fraction of what he said three days later, that fired-up persona we saw Sunday night is only a small fraction of Sherman.

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