The Abbotsford Whalers dominated their home meet over the weekend

The Abbotsford Whalers dominated their home meet over the weekend

Jerodico steals the show

Local Whalers' swimmer took gold in four events, in a meet the Abbotsford swim club dominated.

Mervin Jerodico stole the show at the Abbotsford Whalers’ annual swim meet at Centennial Pool this past weekend.

The Division 4 swimmer went on to secure four golds while achieving personal bests.

“Mervin was definitely the standout of the swim meet,” said coach Bill Murray. “He was knocking one or two seconds off personal best times.

“To be consistently getting better at that pace in Div. 4 is rare. It’s usually just a tenth of a second or so,” said Murray, adding that Jerodico is well-deserved of the success as the middle school student is humble but extremely hardworking.

Jerodico won the 100-metre freestyle and backstroke events, and 50-metre freestyle and butterfly events.

Jerodico’s sister Mary Rose along with Fallon Quast and Amy Connorton were also notable performers at the pool as each took home gold in the four events they participated in.

Mary Rose (Div. 2) won the 100m individual medley (IM), 100m freestyle, 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle events.

Quast (Div. 5) won the 200m IM, 100m butterfly, 50m butterfly and 100m freestyle events, while Connorton (Div. 4) took gold in the 200m IM, 100m freestyle, 100m breaststroke and 50m butterfly events.

“The four have been quite consistent throughout the year, usually winning their events,” Murray said.

The Whalers dominated their home meet, medalling in over 90 per cent of events. There were 130 Whalers swimmers with upwards of 400 swimmers in total at the meet.

The junior swimmers performed well, with many improving on personal bests, Murray said. He added that the club’s swimmers, in general, have seen almost double the amount of personal best times registered throughout the year.

“It’s a big transition year for the club as well, with a new executive and coaching staff,” said Murray.

The Whalers will now look to regionals, which run Aug. 7 to 9 at Centennial Outdoor Pool in Abbotsford.