Sydney Kardoes of Abbotsford.

Sydney Kardoes of Abbotsford.

Hemlock Ski Team races to medals at Apex and Whistler

Team led by Abbotsford’s Chase Burns, who won a gold and silver medal, and Sydney Kardoes

The Hemlock Ski Team posted strong results at races in Apex and Whistler on Jan. 10 and 11.

The team was led by Abbotsford’s Chase Burns, who won a gold and silver medal, and Sydney Kardoes, who won her first ribbon in the U12 age group by placing ninth in the third slalom race.


Apex U12 Slalom races:

For the boys, Chase Burns of Abbotsford placed 2nd, Nate Rohwer of Delta placed 17th and Noah Wyse of Abbotsford placed 19th in the first race.  In the second race, Chase Burns tied for 1st place, Noah Wyse placed 18th and Nate placed _22nd.  In the third and final race, Nate Rohwer of Delta was the only Hemlock U12 male racer who successfully completed the 2 run race and placed 15th.

For the girls, Sydney Kardoes of Abbotsford placed 13th and Emi Bryan of Mission placed 18th in the first race.  In the second race, Sydney Kardoes placed 15th, Emi Bryan placed 19th and Megan Kerr of Abbotsford placed 23rd.  In the third and final race, Sydney Kardoes placed 9th, Emi Bryan placed 17th and Megan Kerr placed 21st.


Apex U16 Slalom races:

For the girls, Katrina Voss of Port Moody placed 2nd, Lena Liljedahl of Port Moody placed 7th and Megan Kardoes of Abbotsford placed 8th among the U16’s in the first slalom race.  In the second slalom race, the three girls repeated their same placings among the U16s.  In the third and final slalom race, Katrina Voss placed 2nd and Lena Liljedahl placed 7th among the U16’s.

Whistler U14 Slalom races:

Matthew Yokoyama of Abbotsford had the best finish for the Hemlock U14 team by coming in 38th out of 55 racers on Saturday and repeating that placing with another 38th finish out of 54 racers on Sunday. For the girls, Ava Bowes of Maple Ridge finished 40th and Mackenzie Bell of Abbotsford finished 41st out of 53 racers on Saturday.  On Sunday, Ava Bowes finished 42nd and Mackenzie finished 43rd out of 51 racers.  All three were racing at the U14 level for the very first time.