Disc golf meeting in Mission July 24

Those interested in seeing a disc golf course established in Mission encouraged to attend

Mission's Mark Klassen shows off a portable disc golf basket.

Mission's Mark Klassen shows off a portable disc golf basket.

If you want a disc golf course in Mission, make way to the Leisure Centre Wednesday night (July 24).

Local resident Mark Klassen has approached the municipality about creating a spot to play the popular sport, likely at Centennial Park.

“Disc golf is now one of the fastest-growing activities in North American right now,” said Klassen, who has been playing for the past four years. “It’s one of the least expensive sports to play.”

He said most courses have no admission fees.

“At its most basic level, you just need a frisbee” to start playing, he added.

For those who get more serious, there are different discs, just like in golf: a driver, putter, and mid-range are the three main categories.

A more experienced player might have 14 or 15 discs, but basic three-disc starter sets are available for about $30.

Klassen said disc golf course make use of open spaces that would be unsuitable for other sports, such as soccer or tennis. The more varied the terrain, the better.

He says there are hundreds of players in the Abbotsford/Mission area who have to travel to other communities to enjoy their past-time.

A meeting is taking place Wednesday, July 24 at the Mission Leisure Centre in room three at 6:30 p.m. Klassen is encouraging any and all disc golf players to come out to show support for the idea of creating a local course.