Fontaine Fitness will be hosting a world record attempt for the longest fitness class starting on July 20. (Submitted)

Fontaine Fitness will be hosting a world record attempt for the longest fitness class starting on July 20. (Submitted)

Abbotsford fitness studio attempting world record

Fontaine Fitness aims to host world’s longest fitness class on July 20

The Guinness Book of World Records will potentially be re-written if all goes well in Abbotsford later this month.

Fontaine Fitness, located at 2427 Pauline Street in downtown Abbotsford, will be the gathering point for a possible new world record for the longest group aerobics/fitness class.

The class starts on Saturday, July 20th at 6 a.m., and is scheduled to last until Sunday, July 21 at 10 p.m.

That duration of 40 hours would break the mark of 39 hours and 59 minutes set by the Electric Eleven at Rock Your Body Studio in Fremont, N.H. on Dec. 30 to 31, 2016.

Fontaine Fitness owner Todd Fontaine is looking for people willing to not only participate in the class, but also witnesses to the event. Fontaine must follow a stringent list of rules and guidelines set forth by the people at the Guinness Book of World Records in order to ensure the record is approved.

Participants are allowed five rest minutes for every continuously completed hour of activity. These can be accumulated to give, for example, 20 minutes worth of rest time after four full hours of activity.

Witnesses are needed to observe the event, and also to film and take pictures of the activity. At least 10 people must be taking part in the class at the same time. None of the participants can be under the age of 16, and those between the age of 16 to 18 must have evidence of parental permission.

The event is all being put together to not only break the record, but also to help support the Abbotsford Food Bank. To participate in the event, you must donate to the food bank. There is no entry fee, but participants must be willing to stay for the entire time.

Fontaine pointed out that people can also donate online at

For more information or to get involved in the event, contact Fontaine at or visit the event’s Facebook page by searching “break a world record for the food bank”.