True fans don’t riot

True hockey fans don’t do things like the riot.

True hockey fans don’t do things like the riot.

Hockey fans are captured by the fast pace, great playmaking ability of their team, and the opposition.

Hockey fans go to their spouse’s games, their friend’s games, their children’s games in all arenas, throughout the year.

They sit in cold rinks with only a snack from the machine and a bad hot chocolate from the concession (if the rink has one).

They encourage the love of the game.

They volunteer wherever possible for that love of the game. They coach, assist, manage, train, score keep, run the clock, bring the team snacks, and shuttle kids to and from the rink.

They run the rinks; locally, regionally, provincially, and nationally.

They plan tournaments and support the same through donations and ticket purchases. They buy or volunteer to sell 50/50 tickets at the game.

True hockey fans are the ones who encourage hockey players and are great lovers of the game – our game.

Sam Stone

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