Timing poorly thought out

I’ve read quite a number of the articles and opinions on Abbotsford’s “first public art piece,” and would like to offer my own opinion as well as ask for some clarification.

From the pictures I’ve seen, I would agree with some others that this is a wonderful piece of art, and it deserves to be appreciated by many.

However, as I drove by it the other day, I really had to question why it was installed in a round-about.

As a driver, I dare not slow down and gaze up to fully appreciate the art work, as that could quite possibly cause an accident.

As a passenger, I might be able to have a better look, but regardless the vehicle I’m in must move with the flow of traffic, so I don’t have a lot of time to enjoy the art.

I suppose I could ask the driver to just go around and around a few times, which would afford me a better chance to appreciate the art, and in that way I would be able to view it from every angle.

Perhaps a pedestrian might be able to stand safely on a sidewalk at a distance close enough to gain a better appreciation for the art, but the location does not really draw a lot of pedestrian traffic, and I surely would not recommend any pedestrian to attempt to actually get close enough to the art to appreciate it in greater detail.

It is unfortunate that the location of this installation detracts from the ability of the public to properly view the art.

I do not feel that $64,000 is outrageous for such a piece of art, especially considering that some landscaping will be included in that total, but I agree that the timing, considering the current economy, is poorly thought out.

Lenora Wiens