There could be a family day every week

How very interesting that Christy Clark should hit upon the brilliant idea of creating a new provincial public holiday designated as “Family Day.”

In this age of speed, greed and “problem families,” it may be profitable  to remind her of the time when there was a “family day” every week on the day called Sunday.    

Perhaps, instead of allowing large corporations and shopping chains to exploit the parents of so many children for corporate financial gain, our politicians could be persuaded to give some thought to restoring the six-day working week. This would afford most mothers and fathers “one of the keys to strong families,” in “having quality time together” and spending one day a week with their children – not just one special day a year, courtesy of an ambitious and opportunistic politician.    

The government that holds a referendum on Sunday retail shopping in British Columbia will be doing more for children than all the welfare schemes any politicians can conceivably concoct.

Ralph Smith