Thanks for voice of reason

I am reading Henry Braun’s blog from his website – – and it strikes me that Henry is not ...

I am reading Henry Braun’s blog from his website – – and it strikes me that Henry is not at all the same as the other councillors.

Instead of nodding his head and seconding the motions, he is actually independently thinking, he is pointing out things that are very wrong and trying to fix them.

Not since Moe Gill meekly tried to stand up against two bullies and Christine Caldwell wrote a letter saying she disagreed, then ran away on vacation, during the “Plan A” propaganda blitz, has there ever been a dissident.

No elected council member has ever appeared to have such free will, such interest or such honesty in stating simple truths that 75 per cent of the population was suspicious about.

Will our incumbent council get on board with Henry, possibly even implicating themselves?  (They were all yes voters, remember?)

Will our new mayor be supportive of Henry in his quest to change things from the status quo, to give us ratepayers a break?

Henry, bless your voice of reason. Thank you for not just being another paycheque-cashing head-nodder.

The little raggle-taggle group of whistle-blowers that have been trying to point this kind of stuff out for years to no avail, thanks you most sincerely.

Anne Graham

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