School break options are ridiculous

I support the continuation of the current school calendar with a two-week spring break in March.

This system has been working great for my family for the past several years.

Many other local school districts have changed to this format as well, including our neighbouring districts of Chilliwack and Langley.

I have four children, three of whom will be in the school system in the 2011/2012 school year. I am also a working parent and when my children are not in school I need to consider child care arrangements. However, in spite of this I am not in favour of more days in school for my children.

The school board has mistakenly assumed that more days in school must lead to better academic achievement. I challenge the board to find research to support this assumption.

There is, however, research that links a longer school day with greater productivity for students and, one could assume, greater academic achievement.

More days in school does not mean that children will learn more. It will take away from opportunities to learn at home, to have family time, engage in sports activities, or other activities besides school that turn out well-rounded citizens.

I ask the school board to reconsider – the options you have given us between the standard calendar with a one-week spring break and your proposed calendar with the two-week break in April are ridiculous. You should have presented Abbotsford School District parents with a third option – the status quo.

Skye Scholander