Save downtown library for clubs

An open letter to Mayor Bruce Banman and the Abbotsford council ...

An open letter to Mayor Bruce Banman and the Abbotsford council:

We have been having some conversations with the Abbotsford Arts Council about the possibility of sharing the Abbotsford downtown library building among possibly three different clubs.

The building has heritage value, and many fond memories for people who made so much use of that library.

We ask that you not tear it down, because this building, no longer needed by the Fraser Valley Regional Library, would be a really great place for possibly three (or even more) clubs to find a home.

The Rock and Gem Club is grateful to be able to meet at the Kariton House, but at times the space is not quite adequate.

More importantly, we would like to have a locked area where the cutting, grinding and polishing equipment could be housed, as well as serving as a meeting room for up to some 50 people.

The club has many skilled crafts people who would be happy to pass on their skills to both young and old in our community.

Our members will teach jewelry making, cabochons, silversmithingĀ  and mineral education.

Currently we do not have a clubhouse adequate for these activities.

So pleas add our voice to the other groups who ask that you keep the library for the use of local clubs.

Gerda Peachey

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