Save Bradner from industry

As a long-term resident of Bradner, I am very afraid for the community right now.

As a long-term resident of Bradner, I am very afraid for the community right now.

Interests outside the neighbourhood have been trying to capitalize on the speculative nature of the ALR land next to Langley’s Gloucester Estates, and have it rezoned to industry for years now.

In 2004, citizens rallied and Abbotsford removed those almost 300 acres from the city in the country plan altogether, and we all felt like we had slayed the industrial dragon.

Fast forward to 2012. After at least two other failed attempts, those same outside interests are at it again, only this time they’ve hired the big players and all the angles are covered – much to the delight of the city, which is desperate for money.

Very frightening for those of us in Bradner/Mt. Lehman, indeed.

I pray the city does not sell us out just to make a buck and save their own behinds. I’d like to think that this historical little enclave is worth more than that.

Please consider that 50 per cent of Gloucester Estates is still empty after all these years, and any monetary predictions about Abbotsford are merely pie-in-the-sky job figures that make for great spin.

The line should be drawn at the Langley border. Those of us who contribute to this amazing rural neighbourhood with plans of living here indefinitely, may soon change  our plans once industry starts rearing its ugly head.

This is a thriving agricultural community, and it has been for over 100 years.  To rape and pillage Bradner to serve the financial interests of a cash-starved city and a select few who have no business making decisions about our neighbourhood, would be criminal.

City council will hear both sides of the ALR versus industry argument Nov. 19 at 7 p.m., at city hall.  Council could very well vote this through that night, and start the exclusion process with the ALC immediately.  From what we are told, it could be a scant three years before the landscape becomes concrete for all time.

If you care about the future of Bradner/Mt. Lehman at all, please attend the aforementioned city council meeting Nov. 19 and have your say.  After that, it could be too late.

Please help save Bradner from the chopping block.

Kerry Proudfoot, Bradner

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