Recycling deposits on milk

Re: Recycling deposits on milk containers.

Who came up with this stupid idea?

This will be another tax grab by the government. In Ontario, they do the deposit to milk but no recycling fee is added. When you return the milk jug you get your deposit back or purchase a new jug of milk and not pay the deposit on the new jug.

What happens to the old jug? I do not know if it is washed, sterilized and refilled. It may be. If you do not wish to return the jug, put it out in your blue box. Some kid will take it and collect the deposit.

They also have milk in one-litre plastic bags to which no fee is charged. The empty bag is put into the recycle bin – same with milk cartons, no charge.

In my home nothing goes into the garbage that can be recycled. Jugs are washed before being sent for recycling; plastic coffee cups go, bread bags, shopping bags – anything that can be recycled is added. I have put out one garbage pail to three to four recycle bags. I also have a compost bin.

As a 73-year-old pensioner, extra taxes I do not need without a substantial increase in my pension.

Robert Tisdale