Promote AESC instead of trashing it

To (March 9 letter-writer) Regina Dalton, “Why look at staff?”

To (March 9 letter-writer) Regina Dalton, “Why look at staff?”

“Confused,” as you say, is one word to describe your most recent comments in The News regarding AESC.

“Nonsense” might be another good word.  It is clear to me you have absolutely no business acumen.

To suggest that more shows would not improve the financial situation at the AESC because they would increase operating costs is absurd.

Your comments regarding the parking being inadequate are myth.

I am not sure what your definition of “expensive” entertainment might be, but I can assure you the cost of tickets to shows/ events at the AESC are significantly below Vancouver venues.

You can purchase tickets to any Heat game for little more than the cost of a ticket to a junior hockey game elsewhere in the Lower Mainland, and the calibre of hockey is light years above junior hockey.

A family of four can attend a game for $80, including four hot dogs, four sodas, a giant chocolate bar and unlimited pop corn.

Compared to a night at the movies with the same treats this is a bargain.

Check the latest census data for this community and you might be surprised at what you learn about the income levels and financial well-being of residents of this city.  Disposable income is far less an issue than you suggest.

We are fortunate to have the AESC in this community, and long term it will prove to be a profitable contributor to city coffers.

Yes, there are some timing issues with the building coming on stream during a major economic downturn, and questionable management from Global Spectrum which can be fixed, but in the long term it will prove as financially beneficial as Tradex and the airport.

Why don’t you and your following spend an equal amount of time promoting and supporting the AESC as you do trashing it and the Heat?

A positive attitude can be game changing, as they say.

R. Marr