Pot smokers aren’t a drain on the health care system

Re: Tricia Leslie column on discriminating against smokers, Oct. 14.

Re: Tricia Leslie column on discriminating against smokers, Oct. 14.

Despite how Mr. De Jong  may personally feel, discrimination has no place in any government. Having said that, you mention that pot smokers are a drain on our health care system. I disagree.

I have found that when any issue goes to Supreme Court, that is when the truth truly seems to surface. Pot smokers are not a drain on our healthcare system.

As a daily pot smoker for more than 20 years, I can tell you the other findings are true, as well as the findings on marijuana’s effect on our health care system.

I personally have never been to a hospital from any effects of smoking pot. I do, however, agree the other drugs listed are a huge drain on society, as well as our health care system.

I would also like to point out marijuana is not addictive. I have stopped smoking marijuana for weeks at a time with no ill side effects.

I am a 43-year-old male with no criminal record. I own my own home in Abbotsford ( I paid for, it wasn’t inherited) and have been at my present job more 13 years.

It is possible to consume marijuana daily and live a normal life with no side effects from marijuana. I have many friends that I can offer as proof to that statement.

In closing, when writing about drug users’ effect on the health care system, please don’t paint “us” with the same brush used to illustrate other drug users, because clearly, it’s no more of a drain than aspirin.

Greg Tyler