Please respect farm property

I work and reside at K. Cooper’s farm on 2857 McMillan Road.

I work and reside at K. Cooper’s farm on 2857 McMillan Road.

In the last few days I’ve seen residents from surrounding areas entering into our farm to take advantage of the snowy hill for sledding or boarding fun.

Whenever possible, I would meet with those individuals to say hi.

I also let Ms. Cooper, the farm owner, know that some visiters were at her field.  She’s happy to hear that people were enjoying their visits.

I’d like to ask that those visitors be reminded that they are entering into someone’s private property and a commercial farm.  You wouldn’t like a stranger to enter into your back yard to jump on your tranpoline without your permission or without your knowledge.

In our case, at least Ms. Cooper knows that people are on her field because of the snow.

However, it would be nice if some of you were to call her or write to her to thank her for allowing you into her field.

As well, we work hard everyday to ensure cows’ health and safety.

Please do not leave any debris or garbage behind you.

Remember grass field is cows’ bed and food.  We don’t want anything on the field that make cows sick or hurt.

Please don’t break or damage the fences and barb wires as they are important for the cows’ safety.

When you cross those fences around the farm, please behave as courteous guests would, and have fun.

Thank you.

Sui Ryu