Not another Harper government

The threat of another Steven Harper government scares me.

The threat of another Steven Harper government scares me.

I feel that there is fascism in his heart inasmuch as he knows what is good for us and the country and will enforce his will upon us.

I think of when he shook hands with his children as they set off for school; there is a coldness about him.

Not that the prospect of a Liberal or NDP government thrills me either, but at least we would get time to catch our breath while they come up with some fresh policies.

Speaking of enforcing his will, prorogation was not about Afghanistan detainee interrogation, it was to give him time to stack the senate so that Bill C 36 (was C6) could be re presented and passed. This bill has taken away our rights to most natural health products.

On genetically modified (GMO) foods: Harper told the EU and Ireland that they had no right to refuse GMO foods and threatened them with WTO sanctions in 2008. Rats that are fed GMO food have a much higher death rate and cows fed GMO’s are known to spontaneously abort, so what are GMO’s doing to us?  GMO crops were favoured by the Harper government.

Drug companies and GMO seed producers spend hundreds of millions of dollars each year lobbying governments to change laws that favour them! How is that money spent?

And, six months for six pot plants takes away a person’s right to a plea of habeas corpus and would be a first step on the road to fascism. Who would be next; protestors or harvesters and users of natural herbs and remedies? Who knows, but once it begins it will be hard to stop.

Gary Huntbatch