Move, and take trucks with you

Regarding the article that Andrew Holota wrote about berry farmers and their bird-chasing “cannons.”

We have learned to live with this noise, at first annoying but then it seems to become part of the culture of the Valley farmers.

No, I am not a berry farmer, but have a few of them in my area. I would like to say these noises are nothing compared to the noise of transport trucks running up and down our streets now.

It seems at one time these truckers had to stay or use certain roads. Now everything is wide open.

We used to live on a nice, quiet street. Now we have a constant barrage of trucks running up and down, non-stop. It doesn’t seem to matter what the hour or which day of the week. At least the cannons have restrictions and after 6 or 7 p.m., they are silent.

I would suggest that any city folks who are annoyed by the cannons move back to the city, and perhaps take all these noisy trucks with you.


R. Sparkes